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Eminent Domain / Condemnation

blogpost3Bass Dunklin attorneys work regularly on eminent domain matters, working first to resolve the scope of the potential taking and the valuation questions, keeping in mind maximizing the outcome for the affected landowner.  Often, modifications to the project impacting the affected property may be a solution that is workable for the government authority and the landowner.  Where that is not possible, understanding the underlying real estate and the impact of the taking on the value of the property are important; we frequent work with condemning agencies and entities to explain the valuation impacts to properly frame any settlement discussions. We work closely with skilled valuation consultants to further this objective. Where settlement is not possible, we have experience in and are prepared to undertake litigation representation of taking and valuation matters.  Please contact one of our real estate attorneys to discuss your rights and options if your property is or may be under threat of eminent domain.